Green Policy

Camping Caradon Touring Park Environmental policy

At Camping Caradon we offer Camping & Touring Facilities, food and drink in a beautiful natural setting as well as providing leisure facilities to our guests. We understand the environmental impacts of our activities and commit to continuously reducing them by:

Compliance Meeting the regulatory requirements relevant to our business.

Energy saving Lowering our electricity and gas consumption by adopting energy efficiency measures such as low energy light bulbs (timers/sensors) is fitted in all our on-site light. Solar Power which help heat up the water in our amenity block, installed energy efficient boilers for heat and water in our amenity block and in our Bar and kitchen. Air conditioning units in our Club-room. Our “Club house” and our “Amenity block” has had  Roof and walls insulated. Double glazed windows with more energy efficient glass has been installed in all our site buildings. Thinking energy affiance in all future building/upgrading. Our two newly built family/disabled rooms are built with sensors on heating, light & fans to gain the optimal convenience and energy efficiency. To reduce energy further, its our aim to change all our current low-energy bulbs in the park with led lighting during 2015.

Recycling Reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill through recycling of: plastic - tins - cardboard - papers/magazines – glass & collecting batteries/gas canisters. We compost green scraps from our on-site kitchen. To minimise waste we are working with our food and vegetable suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging used and we purchase our cleaning products in bulk.

Water Lowering our water consumption by adopting water saving measures. Rain-water harvesting, is used for caravan/car washing. We have fitted 6ltr. Flushes in the toilets that do not already have low flush. “Eco- cubes” are used in all our urinals to save water. Push taps are fitted on all our hand basins in the park.

Cleaning All our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and purchased in bulk, our ECO-soft toilet paper are made from 100% recycled materials.

Local Purchasing Buying from and promoting local suppliers and producers wherever possible, to support the local economy and reduce transport emissions.

Transport Promoting public transport, walking & cycling in our local area and beyond through our web-site and in our Leaflet display area.

Local community Act in a socially responsible manner, supporting various local charities and schools, involvement in the local community and using local tradesman throughout.


Staff Employing staff from the local area and continuously training them and involving them in the environmental conducts of the business.


Communicating We strive to give our customers the best possibilities to discover the local area, history and culture around us, by adding as much relevant information to our web-site as possible and by gathering information for our Leaflet display area and environmental educational wall in our Games room. We are always available for further guidance.

Now and future We have teamed up with CoaST in 2008 and we will continue to draw on their knowledge and support that they offer. In spring 2008 we created an Action Plan in conjunction with Envision to implement Energy saving measures in existing and future building/renovation on site. This is a very good guide to keep us focused. We joined “GTBS” Green Tourism Business Scheme in June 2009. Camping Caradon was last reviewed by GTBS in October 2013 (we get reviewed every 2 years) and we are holding on to our Gold Award for our commitment to the environment & our local community. Our environmental policy is reviewed on an annual basis.


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