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Sustainable Tourism at

Camping Caradon


As a holiday provider we accommodate thousands of people every year. We see it as our responsibility to try to reduce the impact our business may have on the environment. We live in the most spectacular surroundings; landscape, wildlife, culture and history is what draws so many people to Cornwall each year, and we would like to have an influence on that it stays that way for generations to come.

With overheads constantly rising especially energy prices, it does pay to invest in being green. We aim to keep our running costs of our business to a minimum, so it not only benefit the business, but help to keep camping tariffs down, so camping and touring stays an affordable way to have a holiday.

Owning and managing a Campsite is not only a business to us, it is a choice of lifestyle, where work and family life often becomes one. Living on site only makes it a natural choice for us to keep it an inviting and safe place to live and stay.

In 2008 we teamed up with both ENVISION and COAST to get ideas for energy saving building/upgrading projects in our park, and on how to make our site more environmentally friendly. We have since then in all our upgrading and “new build” projects on site used of the expertise we have had and still gain through Cornwall CoaST and GTBS. For us looking after the environment and our local area is an ongoing project. We are inspected every 2 years by GTBS, we are a Highly commended Gold awarded GTBS business.



LIGHTS We now have LED bulbs in 95% of the lights and strip lights in the whole park. To save even more energy we have put pull switches on many of the strip lights,  to operate them individually. sensors and timers on most of our indoor and outdoor lights.

FRIDGE/FREEZERS Are on timers where possible or switched off in our less busy periods of the year. All our freezers are fitted with savaplugs.


AMENITY BLOCK We have a new energy saving boiler for our Amenity block which is on the Energy Technology List ( listed web-site. We have solar panels on our amenity block, which also helps heating up the water on a sunny day. High-performance double glazed windows has been installed to keep the heat in, when heated in the colder months. Our Amenity block is fully insulated.

In the quieter months we only open the family/disabled rooms for usage, if we have just got a few campers are on site. The fan heaters are sensor operated to save energy.

CLUBROOM Rebuilding/upgrading of our Clubroom was our biggest 2008 winter project. We have incorporated ideas from the ”Action plan” we made in conjunction with Envision; such as new high performance double glazed windows, insulation in walls and ceiling, and air-conditioning (Energy Technology Listed). This means it is now much more economic and efficient for us to heat the room.


CARAVAN STORAGE We have on-site facility for storage of 25 Caravans. Saving our campers a lot of time and fuel costs.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT We have a bus stop in the entrance to our park, the possibilities of a car free day out from Camping Caradon is endless, we promote public transport on our web-site and in our reception.

WALKS There are plenty of woodlands and costal walks around us; we promote them on our web-site and have information on walks in our reception "Local maps". We are members of the ‘South West Coast Path Association’.

CYCLING We have links to “close by” cycle routes on our web-site, and we provide maps in our reception.



AMENITY BLOCK We have 2 x 1000l. Water butts that we harvest rain water in from the roof of the “amenity block” and are then used to flush the toilets. The cisterns in the amenity block have all been fitted with 6l. Flush, the urinals have ECO-blocks and are none flushing. All the hand basins in the park have push buttons, to prevent running taps.

CLUBROOM We have 2 x 1000l. Water butts, in which we collect rainwater from the roof of our clubroom. The water is used for car/caravan washing and watering of our plants in the park.

CLEANING We use environmental friendly cleaning products and hand soap products. We sell environmentally friendly “Blue Bio” in our on-site shop for Caravan/Motorhome cassettes



GARDENING We cut our hedge (on Cornish wall all around the park) 2 times a year before the bird’s nests and in the autumn when they are finished nesting “we never cut it down to the wall”. We have observed both lizards and slow worms in the Cornish walls around us.

WILDLIFE As we are so close to farm land, forest and the seaside we are lucky to have both; rabbits, foxes, badgers, bats, pheasants, buzzers, pigeons, seagulls and other small birds in and outside our park. We also have erected bird boxes in the park.

INFORMATION We have made a “Sustainable Tourism” wall in our “Games room” to give our campers an insight to the nature and animal species in our local area and to what is being done and can be done to keep the place so special.


BINS In the park we provide bins for; Recycling and General Waste “Please note our recycling posters in the park”. We use licensed contractors only. We collect used Batteries & Gas Canisters in the shop, which we then dispose of in a secure way.

ON-SITE KITCHEN Our green kitchen waste is composted.

PAPER We reuse scrap paper for message pads.

RECYCLED PRODUCTS Our toilet paper is made from 100% recycled material, we use recycled office copy paper.

BIODEGRADEBLE Our carrier bags used in the shop and for Take-Away are made from biodegradable material.

WASTE OIL Waste cooking oil from our kitchen is collected for recycling.



FUNDRAISING Monies are collected for the South West Air ambulance, which can reach all of Cornwall within 10 minutes of a callout (has landed in our park a few times for the aiding of local people). The RNLI “Royal National Lifeboat Institution” Looe Lifeboat Station (visit our 50p library and support the RNLI) - they come to the rescue of many locals and tourists every year. We also collect monies for Marie Cure and Poppy Appeal.

LOCAL SCHOOLS Our children go to the local schools. We offer as much support and involvement as possible to fundraising and community events, that their school is involved with.

STAFF We employ local staff to support the local community.

SUPPLIERS We use our local Spar Shop and Pelynt Stores “Butchers” (1.5miles) for supplies in our on-site shop and our bar menu. We use a Green grocer from Liskeard (10 miles away). We always look for competitive prices and quality in our local area, before looking elsewhere.

BOUGHT IN SKILLS We draw on the local skills in our community for etc. our computers (Web-master) – signs – accountants – electricians - plumbers & contractors. Every time we need a new skill, we look at the possibilities of supporting our local community first.

ATTRACTIONS/BUSSINESS Local relevant attractions and business to our costumers is advertised in our reception and on our web-site, and we find new stuff all the time.



We are proud of our local area it boosts of nature, culture, history and some fantastic local produce. We are very keen to help our campers explore our local area in the best possible way to make the most of their holiday.

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