Booking conditions

Booking conditions

DOGS We allow well-behaved dogs with responsible dog owners on site. Dogs must be kept strictly on a lead and exercised off site. (We just do not have the space for a dog walk on site; we provide a map with local walks in our reception). DOG MESS MUST BE CLEANED UP BOTH ON AND OFF SITE, WE PROVIDE “DOGGIE BINS” IN THE PARK “We provide free bags in reception”. Do not go out for the day and leave your pet behind. Dogs are not allowed in our public buildings.

CHILDREN Parents are responsible for the behaviour and safety of their children at all times. No children to be left behind on site. Ball games “no heavy balls”, cycling and skating on site at busy times, only under supervision by parents. Our play area is cleared at dusk. No ball games, cycling and roaming around/noisy games after dusk. “For your children’s own safety”. Vandalising and Violent children will be evicted from site with their families.

BEHAVIOUR We are a family site; Abusive behaviour of any kind, whether it is alcohol, foul language, drug or temper related, it will not be tolerated and anyone concerned could be asked to leave the park.

BARBEQUES We allow BBQ on site (NOT AFTER DUSK OR 9PM) and as long as they are used responsible and not directly on the grass (please ask management for bricks). Put Coal and “one-time BBQ” in a plastic bag before disposed off in “designated BBQ bin on site”, and make sure the coal is cold. NO OPEN FIRES OF ANY KIND ALLOWED. Please take time out to read our BBQ safety posters on site.

QUIET HOURS BETWEEN 11pm – 7am Please respect our quiet hours between 11pm & 7am, sound travels especially at night. No vehicle movements between these times. Barrier is “non operational” between 11pm & 7am. Any vehicle movement between those hours will have to park in front of the reception.

ARRIVAL / DEPARTURE On arrival your pitch is available after 2pm. Do not arrive earlier in peak times; we do not have an early arrival area. Our entrance must not be blocked as the local bus turns in our entrance; we are the bus stop for Looe & Polperro. If you think you could be arriving earlier please phone the park in the morning of your arrival to check if it is possible. Pitches are to be vacated by 11am on day of departure, unless otherwise agreed with management. Please let us know if you will be arriving after 6pm, or just a quick call on the park number for a journey update. In busy times we do not like arrivals after 9pm, especially tents.

PITCHING Pitching according to “health and safety”; Tent/Camping unit to the left with the tow-hitch facing the road and car parked to the right on the pitch. Please keep within the boundaries of your pitch incl. guy ropes. All our pitches are pegged out and numbered. Pitches are allocated when booking according to size of camping unit, if turning up in the children’s holidays with different unit or other size of accommodation than booked with, we might not be able to accommodate you. You will be given a pitching diagram on arrival, but if you have any problems pitching, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

CARS If a pitch, has booked on more than one car, they might have to leave one car by the reception due to space restrictions. The same applies to day visitors. For safety reasons, the maximum speed limit in the park is strictly 5mph.

VANS Work vans and commercial vehicles are not allowed on site, only to our discretion.

DELIVERIES TO SITE Deliveries of food or of any kind is not allowed to site.

BOOKING A £30 deposit secures your booking, to be paid with credit/debit card over the phone, we do not put credit card fees on to our customers, we carry the fees… Deposits are non refundable. Balance is to be paid on arrival. The going VAT rate is included in all our pitch fees. We regret no refunds can be made for inclement weather or otherwise! We do not offer holiday insurance. Changes to bookings can be made without any administration charges, if at all possible.

GROUP BOOKINGS We cater for families and couples mainly and do not accept group bookings of any kind without prior arrangement. Permission might be given to parties whom assure us they can strictly abide to our terms and conditions. From time to time we cater for rally groups from.

LOSS & DAMAGE Camping Caradon shall not be held liable for loss or damage to any guest property, vehicles, equipment, cash, valuables or pets howsoever such damage may occur or be caused.

The management of Camping Caradon reserve the right to request any PERSON(S) to leave the park, should those person(s) give just cause for doing so without any refund of pitch fees.